How We Met, How She Teased!

We worked with each other and sat together at work.

I remember the day she was hired.  When our Boss had someone that management was about to hire, the boss would bring those people around and introduce them to everyone already working, as a potential employee. That gave everyone a change to have a say on what their impressions were before a final decision is made and the job was offered.

I remember seeing her and being relieved!  I though she was beautiful and that she had a great build, but though that she was not my type.  To young and to pretty if that makes sense. I knew she would be sitting next to me and that we would work close together and I was glad it was someone who while attractive, would never give me a second look.  She felt safe. I was wrong.

As we worked together that changed.  She was wonderful to me.  I don’t think anyone has ever connected with me on that same level ever before.  She was charming, smart, fun, hardworking, sexy, you name it.  Over and over again we would simply connect about something.  We flirted and it was fun. Innocent. Nothing really. Except that it grew.  I never though for a moment she would reciprocate, but she did.

She told me that she was attracted to older men.  Soon she was sitting closer than needed, then she would touch me in a hundred different ways when we sat she would touch my arm, or or my thigh or reach up and touch my ear or put a hand on my elbow or rest her hand gently on my back.  She touched me a thousand times, and she would press her breast against me when she would whisper in my ear.  I remember one time she got up from her desk and came over, bent over with a blouse that exposed everything but her nipples, she worte me a short note that was simply a cartoon picture of a bunny she drew then made eye contact as she saw me looking at her titties and she said, “that was for you” and she wasnt talking about the bunny.  Eventually everything became sexual and it was fun.. Other poeple we worked with asked me if we were sleeping together and I told them all no.

One time she walked over to ask me a question and walk up behind me and bend over to whisper in my ear and press her breasts against my shoulders and ask  “I was just wondering if you had ever thought of this before?” Then press her breasts against me and again said
“Thats for you”.  Hell Yes Ive thought about that!!!  The moment she sad down another co-worked (Female) send me an instant message that said “dont tell me your not fucking her” and I said “Im not”  She drove me crazy.

One time a guy friend sent me an email with about 30 pictures of naked women.  I saw his email but didnt know what it was at the time and I opened it just as Annelise approached my desk. This was a number of years ago and computers opening big picture files were slow, When it started opening there was a woman bent over and nothing but a screen full of ass and pussy and there was Annelise.  I thought I would be fired but what she did was bend over and put here hand on my shoulder and whispered “Vagina” and “show me the next one”.  We Looked at every pictur one at a time while everyone though we were working on something and with each picture she would whisper “Pussy” or “Nice Nipples” or whats next.  Then after a few minutes she said “Forward that to me”   No regular chick in the whole world would do that.  She was cool as cool could be about it.  I think the odds of being fired if it were anyone else were high, but with her the way she whispered in my ear with each picture was like a gigantic come on.

She use to go and talke to the boss and she would walk past my desk and say, “Im going to go talk to Bob” then she would say “And Im not wearing any panties” knowing damn good and well that I would look at her ass as she walked away and as she stood at Bobs desk talking. Then she would come back and ask “Well?”  She loved me looking at her sexy ass and I loved looking.

The crazy thing about it is that now I know that  she thinks I’m safe because of the age difference, but no one is safe after that. At least it changed things for me.  But she thinks those sort of things express nothing about her feelings or the level of sexuality between the two of us. To me it meant we had at least on some level a sexual realtionship.  “She also once said we have a “powerful but innocent relationship” which confused the hell out of me.  I dont know how it could be less innocent except by actually fucking.

She would walk by and drag her finger across my shoulders, or come ask a question and whisper in my ears and let her lips touch as she would say. “I’m wearing a black thong today”  or a yellow thong, or nothing at all.  She drove me crazy.  She wanted to drive me crazy and she did!  And I loved it.

She sent me pictures of her tits and she sent me picutres of her sexy pussy in a pictrue where she was wearing nothing but socks! Sexy as hell.  She sent me hot texts and dirty jokes with naked pictures of big titted women.

She would come to work and hold her chin with her thumb and finger and move her jaw back and forth like it was sore and say, “boy my jaws are tire, but Rick sure loved it and then say and his jaws are tired too and wink this kind of wink?

In not to long we were using the company Instant Messaging to send to most over the top comments to each other.   She asked me if my mouth was on her pussy, would my hands be on her titties?

Every day I would ask her by IM what she was wearing. It was a running joke and she would respond with the color of her underwear until one day she said nothing.  So I said “Shaved or waxed”  she responded “Look”  and when I looked over she had pulled up her sweater to show me her belly button ring, and she had my attention.  We were in an open area with desks and customers and people. She looked around to see if anyone was looking and pulled the Front of hers dress slacks down showing me her smooth tummy and she pulled them down until I could see where the skin changed shape and her pussy started,  it was so fucking hot, she SHOWED ME HER PUSSY AT WORK!!!  We were sitting just a few feet apart and she she said “Oops”  She inched her pants back up again and IM ed me and gave me one of these ;) with the wink I wanted to take her and make love to her right then.  OK make love is not the word, I wanted to FUCK HER right then. Then she got up and told me she was going on break alone and smiled.

The next day she came over to me and put her hand on my right shoulder and whispered in my left ear.  From her desk she said “Im going back on break (this she said loud enough everyone heard it) then she walked over to me and put her hand on my thigh and whispered, ALONE, and paused and continued, “On the couch!”  What did she expect that I though she was implying.  She was implying we should FUCK!  But she did it to drive me crazy knowthing that people were in and out of the break room all the time. There was no chance, but she wanted me to think of fucking her.

There was one time she said something that bent my brain so bad that to this day I still cant help but wonder if she was just screwing with me.  We went to lunch at her favorite place and as we were walking in she whispered to me just quite enought that the hostess seating us couldnt her, “In not wearing any panties” and she leaned into me and bumped me on purpose and giggles just one little giggle. It was so cute, then we sad down and started chatting and I asked her how things were going with her marriage and she told me that they had gone to a friends house and that they both went and had sex in bathroom, and she said “so its going ok. then she said I’ll be right back I have to go to the bathroom and I never wanted anything so bad as to follow her and the fuck here while she held onto the sink right there in the resturant.  But I was sure that it was all unrelated in her mind and I did nothing. But man she is a sexy beast.  I dont know how she can think that I dont think about her.

I was married and she knew I went home every day. I think I was an easy fun toy for her, but I fell in love with her.  Later she quite and the day she left a gave her a letter telling her that I was in love with her and that I didn’t want to stop.

She told me she sat in her car and cried and read it over and over and that she loved me to.  It was a wonderful day, and the start of long romance but one that hurt me deeply and one that hurt her to because we so frequently misunderstand each other.  And one that I sometimes wonder if it meant anything to her at all.  And I want to just slam myself for saying that because we have been close for years now.  But I wonder if I had not written her that first love letter, would we simply never have spoken again?  And if thats the case, was showing me her pussy, and her tits and all the hundreds of times she touched me, and all the times she clearly, in my mind, came on to me, was that just normal shed do that to anyone behavior?  And if so what was I to her.  Nothing?!  It drives me fucking crazy.  And it continues to this day.

One last thing.  There came a day last year when she had to tell me goodbye. Maybe I will write about it sometime. But when she had to tell me goodbye, she wept and told me she loved me and didnt want to say goodbye.  She cried and said she was sorry and that she truly loved me but had to stop.  It almost killed me. I know she loves me.

4 comments on “How We Met, How She Teased!

  1. What a story!! I don’t know if i should feel sorry for him and be sympathetic or tell him to get a grip they are both MARRIED!!! If nothing happened when she worked beside him theres probably less chance of it happening now, I think at the back of their mind they knew it would be wrong because they were in commited relationships, if i was him i would think on it as erotic flirting, put it down to experience and get on with his life before he’s consumed with it, and definetly before his wife starts to get suspicous.

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