“The Asshole”

This is The Asshole

He pulled out  HAND FULLS of your hair.

He attacked you in your home

He attacked you in your front room

He attacked you when you were naked in the shower.  (Fucken pussy I hate that fucker)

He terrorized you there in the hotel without provocation or reason.

He hurt you so bad you were scared to ride home with him in the truck.

He beat you in what should have been your home.

He hit you in the face.

He bruised your face

He Bruised your arms

He Bruised your and torso.  

He held you by the hair and smashed your head into the wall

He put you head into and made a wholes in the wall.

He broke a coffee table with your body and broke other things by throwing you into them.

You were scared that he would hurt your son! 

You were scared for your LIFE and for your SONs LIFE

He kidnapped

He drugged you

His Friends Drugged you (and he didn’t kill them)

You were afraid to go back to your own home

You and you hid from him.

You hid from loved ones because of what he did to you and your face

You had to wear makeup to hide the bruises from me

He Embarrassed you and you ran from me when I noticed the bruises.

He expects you to protect him as he abuses you because he is an abuser and controller.

He exploited you and used you.

He lies to you about his drug use and would pull you and your son in if he could.

He was ugly to you ways that you wont even tell me.

He text rapes you

He continues to terrorize you.

He controlled you

Drunk or sober he has no respect for your.

He wants you to control you and if he ever gets his way he will really hurt you.

Dear Catnip,

I’m sorry he continues to hurt you.  Don’t forget you were never happy with him.  He is a representation of something else.  But you were never happy with him, not the first time, and not the second time.  I will support you no matter what, but I wish you would block him, his phone number, his txt, and his email.  Its time and your strong enough to do it.

I love you Little Girl

8 comments on ““The Asshole”

  1. If he hurts you again physically he’s going to prison. I will make it my business to see to it. Its what I do on an international scale and you know that. He’s dirty, he uses, he’s a felon, and I will see to it he never hurts you again even if you hate me afterwords. Talking or txting is different, but he’d better not hurt you. I’m sorry, but he better not hurt you again.

  2. I can only imagine how traumatic this must be for all involved. My heart especially goes out to the child. Childhood should be safe, fun and loving. No child should have to grow up with the burden of seeing their parent abused and oppressed. I hope someone will soon find a way to break this cycle.

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