photo christmas Store     It’s hard to write about someone and never have a proper name to use.  I have used Catnip for a long time but recently I was on holiday and found a charming Christmas Shop by the name of Annelise Friese.  I thought the name Anneliese was so different and so beautiful that it would serve me well as the name of my Muse.  So that’s who Anneliese is.

In reality she is many things. She is a Sweet Margarita, to tempting to leave alone but able to make your head spin is played with to much.

She is Catnip, someone I cannot leave along and must play with until she drives me Crazy.

She is a Wild Kitten. Someone who will walk right up to you and twirl her tail around your leg as she leans into you, but who will give you her claws is you reach out to touch her.

She is a Little Girl, So charming and so beautiful and full of innocence that you must look at her as she plays.

She is Jack Daniels, smooth with a bite and quick to fuck you up if your not careful.

6 comments on “Anneliese

  1. Thank you for visiting me at City Jackdaw.
    I haven’t heard a better expression of a muse. It’s not all sunsets and roses.

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