I call her Catnip, because that is who she is. Not only to me but to everyone, men and woman alike.  She is a beautiful German woman and she is Magnificence embodied.  See is smart, confident, strong, sexy, funny, hard working, casual, fun, you name it. Perfect!

Catnip is unlike anyone I have known before. She is very open, you can talk to her without reservation and she won’t judge you. She is very smart, she picks up on thing easily and understands without having to explain and talk things over and over.  And I love talking to her. It’s just that she gets it.  She has a great compassion for people and can love without having to take over. Weird to say and I can’t explain that, but she is real.  He is also supremely confident which I think is the most sexy thing about a woman.

She is also rare because of how beautiful she is and how she is beautiful. She is different. For example she never wears perfume. its not uncommon for women to wear perfume and a lot of women do, but she does not. She smells clean that’s it.  She does not need the crutch and I doubt she even thinks about it. Same with makeup. She is attractive and confident and that is enough.  It is so refreshing that she is just that confident. So many beautiful women spend so much time wrapped around that stuff and its not what I think a lot of woman think its is.  I know a lot Of guys that get sick of women always putting on lipstick or checking it in the mirror all the time. She just never does any of that.

I asked her if she though she was beautiful one time and her response was interesting. She said she though she had a nice body and knew how to be sexy, and she though she was sexy, but she didn’t think she was very attractive. I think that is what she believes. Which is two of the things I love about her: First she is just honest and I believe her, and second, she is very beautiful. As beautiful as any woman I have ever known and certainly more beautiful than most.  Because of that she is just amazingly sexy. Here is how to explain that.

There is a type of woman who looks great in jeans and a T-shirt without makeup and without doing her hair.  The kind that so many woman hate. But her secret is not that she knows she is beautiful, it is that she is what she is and does not spend any time whining about it.  She looks at any moment like she just decided to run to the store and is confident that she looks O.k. enough to go out and is confident enough to just go without worrying about how she looks, and yet, everywhere she goes men stop to look at her.  Its hard to explain.  If you took her picture and compared it to a dozen beautiful women, men might not pick her out at the most beautiful.  But in person, no one questions that she is the most beautify woman there is, and that is because she is so at ease and confident about herself.

And another interesting thing about it is how other woman are around her.  I have seen a lot of woman who are catty around beautiful woman.  But for some reason she does not bring that out in other women.  I’ve seen women at our work gossip about there women who come in and about fellow employees. But they never say anything about her.

That is how beautiful she is, and she does not know it!  Her smile is charming, she has wonderful dimples that you only get to see now and then, her nose is perfect and when she smiles her eyes light up.  I don’t now how to begin to describe it. This is also one of her greatest challenges, she is beautiful and a million people have told her that. How do I compete with a history like that.  Lucky for me, I see a million ways she is beautiful and she does not see my faults. Or she forgives them so fast that they don’t register with her.

But then there is the real Catnip and there is so much more to her than that.  She is so damaged in some ways.  She’s married to a man she truly loves, but a man who is so broken himself.  I am sure she does not really see it, but she married him because he is broken and she wants so badly to fix him and to help him.   He is a nice guy. But he is a bit of a simpleton. Not to be mean, but he is a blue-collar guy who struggles with  how to balance his checkbook, the math,  and who needs to be rescued in so many ways.  He is a project for her.  It might hurt her to know I said this but that is what I think.  She is ten times smarter, kinder more capable etc than he is.  It pains me to say this but he is a simple man and he uses her, and one day she will see that.  I hope I am wrong, but she is in love with him and can not see it. He is a nice guy but a bit of a loser in my mind. And she loves him and cares for him.

(More to come)

Update its been a few years since I wrote this and sadly she divorced this man.  I say sadly because I was not jealous of him.  Ever.  But she tired of supporting him and of his selfishness and of his simpleness.  He is a good guy. But she is light years ahead of him. She does not know that, but its true and she has seen that he is not what she needs.  The only good thing for me is that maybe now I can see her more because for so long I didn’t see her at all.

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