6 comments on “Thirty minute shave

  1. Thank you…i know i am hard, and my complexity is a facade to you, but peace, if only for a moment would be nick

    • Dear Ms. Catnip,
      Your complexity is no façade to me. I see your life and the things you have to go through just to keep me in your life. I see the daily mom traveling morning and night to care for her son, you live two routines every day just for this one other being whom you love so beautifully. I see the others in you life who are necessary to your peace and safety as well as your happiness. I know the fear you life in, you don’t think I understand fear, but I do and most of all I understand it when I see it in another persons eyes and I have see it in your eyes. I have see your fear of him in your eyes when I have reached for you. I have seen you recoil from him when it has been me who has touched you. I see you working to stay connected to who you are while at the same time you try to stay connected with your family, your work, me, you friends, and so many others. Your life is stretched thin and I see that. I love you more than the breath in my own lungs and even so I sometimes think of withdrawing from your life to give one less thing to worry about in your complex day to day life and I sometimes fear that you want that almost as much as you fear it. I long for the end of April and for some of the big things in your life to resolve and I work hard for that knowing how badly you need that peace. I am so desperately in love with you I know that I add to your stress and the complexity of your life event though I try not to. If I didn’t understand, why would I have written this post? I do not think your complexity is a façade. I think it is a burden that you carry and I see it clearly. I think more of you than you think I do. I love you Catnip.

      • Sorry for the delay response, had a little hiccup.

        No thanking me, I would say thank you for your service but it would be strange coming from a former soldier to another soldier that has been in some fucked up little countries.

        We just have to keep on with life, much more beauty out there than what I though some years ago.

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