9 comments on “Go Ahead and say its me

  1. Thank you for opening your heart. I would like to be in a relationship. And i just don’t know how to be in long distance one or a virtual one or be online only anymore I am single, not the youngest or the most beautiful, but I am attractive, confident, generous, loving, sensual and giving, but most of all i am ready to be in love… and for the last time in my life. That’s where I am. xo

  2. Dear Primal NIght,

    I have nominated you for The Most Influential Blogger Award. I was Nominated by John Coyote http://wp.me/p1k9lK-WF,  I choose these ten blogs because they inspire me to be a better writer. There are others, but I choose you too because I felt you would respond and appreciate the recognition and pass it on. You are one are of my most influential blogs For the award and the nomination please go to my blog to copy the questions and the award at the Master’s Slave at http://wp.me/p2lElQ-1cS
    Thank you,

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