10 comments on “You Didn’t Deserve Any of That

  1. I thought he wanted to be my everything, to show me in stages. Just how it feels to tear worlds down, and watch with no words, my shuddering gasps, in awe of his hallowed be thy name moment. He wanted to pull those starry tears from my eyes in rainy clusters, and offer them up like that and put himself into me. I thought he wanted it all; to let me taste of that street french filler space that huddled between the ‘here’ and ‘there’ in his shadowy smile. To sit back and reflect in high wonderment, the most glorious dance of acceptance of us colliding.

  2. It is good she has you to tell her that… I experienced an abusive and negative relationship many years ago now … and you do end up wondering and thinking that there must be something wrong with you for someone to be treating you like that! xox

    • Thank you for commenting. I hope that she will see the truth. She is lovely and a very strong woman, but she is not as strong when it comes to him He stepped on her when she was such a young tender flower and she has never recovered and she does not see that. He abused and mistreated her from the beginning and blamed her for it and I hope she will one day truly see that she was a victim and a pawn, not something else.

      • I didn’t see it for 7 years and then one day something snapped in my head…being surrounded by people that treat you right helps! I thought I was a strong person too but when you think your in love… As that saying goes love is blind! As I said before it is great that she has you!

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