4 comments on “OK One Day, A Love Poem for Catnip

  1. If someone ever tries to hurt you I will projectile-vomit on them. I’m a lady, but I can still keep you safe and protect you and love you all the more. All you need to do sometimes is have a few beers and pass out on the couch or on my deck swing every day. I will take care of you I promise. You can even holler through the screen door at the neighbor to bring the dog back she runs. I love you and you don’t ever have to get off the couch unless your want or unless its dinner time. So when your hurting just know I will come hit the ground running to you. I always think of you at night still, not asserting but just wondering where are walks could take us. I see us in love and don’t even think too hard, not about it, and not think too hard about anything actuality. Life is an mystery, when you try to put words to it and everything is too vast to be always known. Just know that I love you.

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