4 comments on “One Month Ago He tried to kill you.

  1. The day came when grey clouds rumbled, the torrent of rain coating everything and me. I was chilled, my clothes stick to me like a second skin, I was sickened. I had to make a decision to change, to choose. When others flee for the shelter, I faced my challenge, a risk, there I was unraveling. I gave up the love of my Master, I gave up my submission, the lifestyle I thought i wanted. He could not keep me. I could never go to his home or be a part of his life. So instead I made a choice and I choose to love. I m facing the last few days of my Father’s life, i will stay until his demise. Then I will go to my lover and I will travel far far away to another country, leaving home for the first time, I go to him almost as if a mail order bride. If he still wants me to come to him.
    I go and I will embrace his sky and will I run to him and he will feel my breath on his neck, i give him my love my all and my sacred self. Through raindrops down from my eyes and the heavens roar and a flash of encouragement I feel the energy scream through my limbs for him and he lifts my heavy breaths like prayers. He is my racing wind, my racing heart and the love of my life.

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