3 comments on “A Love Letter For Catnip August 21 2013

  1. My promise is one
    I intend to keep
    Forever will you be the one
    You will never have to worry
    For my heart is pure
    You are the competition
    Of my soul
    Always the one I shall adore.
    Never question on my mind
    To ever make you doubt
    Life has a tendency
    To throw in some curves
    But you’ll never have to fear
    About losing me
    Together we can learn
    Bend and swerve.
    So here is my promise
    For you to hold
    If you will stay my knight
    In shining armor
    I promise to always be,
    Your sweet Maiden
    And loving girl.

  2. Hoping you are ok I stretch the shady vapours of my evening’s pipe to envelop us in a simple mind;
    Knowing that we are so far from getting what we want, I try to take you hand from the weary marsh;
    Thinking about you every day has left my brain in knots of love; and now to undo
    And become a flower from a bulb, with leaves that will know how to bring you near me
    If only, we are planted in the same pot; makes my last verse nonsense
    Because we are, so why are we trying so hard
    To get out of the pot
    To go into the dark?
    I will never leave you
    I love you too much
    I will always be at your side
    In my pot or my mind
    And maybe our love
    Will find a welcome spot
    And Fate twist us
    Like it has done already
    To meet
    When there was no sense in meeting
    So that we can be sure it’s not us forcing
    The issue

    I love you
    I love you baby
    Muah! xxxxxxx

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