5 comments on “Please Come To Me

  1. Twisting and turning
    A winding river
    Stretching and pulling
    Moving slow
    Fluid motion
    Liquid soul
    Rapid around the bend
    She loves the water
    She pulls for he love
    Hangs on tight
    Listens for his liquid sound
    Into the night
    She does flow
    Only to his sound
    Is all she know.

  2. “I will undress you one hurt at a time. And you will surrender your self doubt”
    Perhaps the most beautiful words I’ve ever read, ever. What you wrote here is enough to make me a believer, your Catnip is a very lucky girl to inspire such pure love and devotion and you have an insight that blows me away. May you get your hearts desire and live your happy ever after :-)

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