3 comments on ““The Asshole” hit you AGAIN. ?!?!?

  1. once again I am reading your posts backwards so i’m not up to speed yet on what led up to this, but this part “That you still want to see him makes me a failure on some level.”, well this part is unacceptable to me; yes of course it’s not my call to make, but I feel as if there’s a kind of symmetry to your words that gives me insight where my own words are concerned, I can slip into your shoes, I understand all too well the road you’re walking and I just want you to be assured that her actions or inactions do not make you a failure on any level… there is no failure in loving someone completely, you can only continue to love or not, either way you are not in any way a failure, remember that always and believe it… she is very lucky to have you in her life, I hope that she comes to realize that soon, just please don’t think you have failed her in any way, from where I’m standing it appears as if you are always there for her and you love her completely, there is no failure in that at all, please remember that and be happy…

    • That’s very beautiful, thank you very much. It is very hard to see someone you love hurt and hurt emotionally and physically. Thank you for your kindness. I hope she sees as well. She does. She is just in love with the wrong man. She is in love with an idea, the man and the idea are not the same. Hugs

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