One comment on “This weekend Sucked. For both of us I’m sure.

  1. This was how it feels each time just before losing you. We would get closer and closer then you you would be gone. But what happened is that you get lonely and see me more and more, then someone comes into your life and you start talking about them, then you get really sad about them, then something happens, a fight usually, then you disappear. And I know you’ve gone to them, to earn them, and dedicate yourself to them to prove to them that your worth it. I will feel insecure and wonder and ask if we’re ok and you’ll reassure me that we are then you will be gone and months and months without you will follow. That’s what this feels like now. I hope it isn’t so, so the weekend sucked and I’m wondering if now that the Boy is back, if I will be left aside again? And I will wonder over Nd over again if you will come back. If I mean anything to you except that I’m a kind sympathetic ear foolish enough to,see you again when you return once gain to help you pick up the pieces and put them together for another man to far beneath you to make you happy. A couple months will go by and something will happen and I will be sitting eating a sandwich and you will see me and come talk as if you’d never left me and we will catch up to the point where he hurt you and we will be back together again. It’s sad. Now I just hope we’ve moved close enough that you can keep me in your life this time. I love you.

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