4 comments on “Love Letter Dated 12 July 2013

  1. True
    I liked it here very much
    and am wild with joy to see these
    stormy lands and smoke stained hands
    but it seems false, coated with sugary
    pretense that I cannot get though
    meshed in worked in soaked in as it is
    I try to bite it out relentlessly
    so save your letters, for i love another
    Psychopath took the place of you.

  2. I like letters. It is sad we don’t write letters anymore. A personal touch to them. Good emotion of love and desire in your words. Thank you.

    • Thank you John. I think personal letters are like individual gifts . I write thank you cards and letters to people all the time and people love getting them. I made a personal goal many years ago to write at least 2 letters a week to someone and I have done so for many years and I think it has made me famous to some people in a way. And thank you for the great comment too.

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