10 comments on “Poem The Scorn Heapers

    • Ms Chatty Owl. I like you. This is the second time you’ve give me a suggestion of your opinion ins stead of your real opinion :-) so a smile for you .

  1. What an excellent and powerful image at the end: If it were possible that they
    Could feel what I feel
    When you touch my hand
    They would strip naked
    In the town common
    And beg

    I like the emotion and statement of love this suggests. Great stuff.

  2. you know i love everything you write, and i follow your blog like i follow a show on television and can’t bear to miss even one episode, but this one in particular has really struck a chord; ‘scorn heapers’ is an amazingly perfect phrase…as usual, gorgeously written (and i pray Catnip realizes how lucky she is to even know someone like you, who has made her your world) you, pn, really know how to capture the feelings of love xox

    • Thank you JoanneBest. I appreciate your comments as well. Do you remember that I am waiting for something from you. I am a patient man and I’m curious if you remember? I pray the same thing you do, that Catnip realized how luck she is to have me, I think she does, She cares for me and have a hard life right now. She needs someone who loves her and I’m glad its me. Thank you for your comment. I hope your doing well. Hugs and xox from me.

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