10 comments on “Poem. I am as the Troubled Sea. For Catnip

  1. Catnip, have you ever been so scared you couldn’t face someone for fear of losing your composure, or felt so emotional that a single word whole make you weep? Have you ever felt so sick to your stomach and so worried that your hands shake? I thought of may things after seeing you that night and I am still processing them. To hear you say we don’t have a relationship cute me to the quick. Now as some time has passed I have let it go emotionally at least for a bit, at least now I can talk without crying. If you can understand this then you’ll understand why I couldn’t talk. I’m sorry you felt hurt that I didn’t call. I never mean for you to feel that way. I love you.

    • i never said that. What are you talking about…. we never even spoke aboy that did we. I am so sorry if i implied any of the sort. i apologize and would never hurt you. i love you.

  2. I didn’t mean to cut you to the quick…and I am sorry for my hasty stressed words. There are moments between you and I where I have to face reality between you and I. I know you go through these at times as well. I have spread myself so thin, I know you know this, and you are a selfishness in which I do draw strength, I know you know this as well. You write about me, you have an outlet, an audience if you will, and you do get time with me. You were successful to say the least at having me thing of what it would be like to have one day without you….I love you too…and I love at this very moment you are waiting for there to be a response to this post………

    • Thank you Catnip. This is beautiful and wonderful both. I waited a day to respond and I won’t respond in much length because I’m still process things. I love this! I love you and to read this makes me beyond happy because I want the strength that there is between us to continue and to grow. I’m sorry the day was difficult for you, it was for me also. But you are worth it…:-). I love this little girl.

    • I would be glad to be your audience, I want to be your audience little girl. I hunger for your words and to hear from you. I would be glad to receive letters or emails from you. You are my audience. Everything else is a distraction to take my mind from you to keep from going nuts.

    • This may become important to you at a future without me in it and if that ever became the case I wanted you to be able to have it and share it without my writing in it. You won’t have to ever explain that. I thought a lot about it and wanted to but it could be in your life, next to your bed, on the coffee table, wherever for a long time and I don’t want to put in a position with it that would make you have to hide it or explain. I hope some part of it ends up with me in it in some fashion anyway.

      • Thank you. You are an excellent writer. Don’t begin second guess yourself. I can’t foresee you letting me down. Keep striving and creating your work of art!

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