2 comments on “You Put on a Good Front Little Girl

  1. I think it’s beautiful how you love her! Dose she appreciate it, being worshiped by a strong and sensitive man?

  2. I think she finds me somewhat common. I don’t know, I don’t understand her very well. Everyone loves her, someone going nuts over her is pretty common. Men fall all over themselves just to get a look at her. Once For valentines day she basically got flowers from a dozen different men deliveries to her work on the same day. I’m sure she appreciates me, but its different for her than other women. Most women would love the attention she gets, but its common to her. But I do have one thing, she does spend her time with me. She has a hard time opening up to me. Se is afraid to take that chance. There is something inside of her that makes it very hard to verbally express her love for me but, and this is a gigantic but, but she spends time with me! It’s basically the only way I know that she loves me. I’ve keep every txt she ever sent me saying she lives me, there are nine of them, I’ve memorized each one because they are so precious to me. But for all of the men who peruse her, she spends time with me! :)

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