3 comments on “The Baby Letter

  1. I sat in the parking lot holding this letter for an hour after I wrote it. I pulled up to the box and reached to put it in and couldn’t let it go and had to drive around again. And I sat again. Then after I dropped it for a moment my heart was racing. Then I was at peace, because its true.

    I know Im a giant giant Assclown I know. I thought of everything it could possible mean. I’ve re written it many times, and not sent it. Ive re-written it. I’ve torn it up, I’ve burned it! I’ve carried it around. I know what the implications of the letter and of a baby could mean to you and I and many others. I know it’s crazy to even say or think. I know I’m a complete retard.

    It’s not just a way to tell your I think your awesome. It’s a whole life. It’s a Million, Billion things! But I’ve carried this around in my hear and I must say it, because no matter what the ramifications are it is true. I do love you.

  2. Baby Lover
    Precious dreamer
    Glittering yet divinely Beautiful Heaven
    Come close, closer to my heart
    With the wings you have Fly, fly me to the sky
    To the moon across the solar system
    Be my Baby Daddy Lover
    You are so gentle
    Like a sweet flower
    I’m yours to love and cover me
    Fill me with thy seed
    Water me
    And watch our Love
    Blossom and grow
    I so love thee
    With all of my heart
    And you my love
    Has honored
    My Soul.

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