8 comments on “Dead Angels. An old Poem about losing Catnip

  1. Chasing the meekness from skins milky goodness with his undressing heat, oh how sweet he tastes shaped by skies, breathlessly I gaze as my angel lives and his bare wings of hurt slip away to reveal his peach and cream blushes and the hues of heaven and his embrace.

    • With a final sigh and a blush she relented. Her resolve all but forgotten and set aside with the pink bra and a button down blouse torn from her shoulders and her back with red welts and scratches as she fumbled with the tight Levi’s and his hard fat cock.

  2. My eyes snapped open. I sat up and looked around. I moaned and my dream had stopped just before he had tried to push his way back inside me. I collapsed back and I sighed when I remembered I was still a virgin, oh yes, I cried! Will you have sex with me; I am almost seventeen. At least my figure was the same as it had been at the end of my dream. My hips were wide, my ass was plump, and my breasts were in the DD range. So I pulled up my nightgown and off with my panties to reveal that I was so pure and so naked in my bed. I was so wet. Want me I can prove it I can,

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