28 comments on “Every Six Months I Fall Apart

        • That’s a pretty bold statement. Cold but bold. Harsh. Insensitive. Lonely. I do know this, I am not a person who believes they know every piece of a story and pass judgment or make assumption based on just a piece of the facts…or even all of the facts.

          • “Thou shalt not judge” that’s your fall back? Fucking is ok? Leading this guy on is ok? But don’t judge? You’ll fuck a dozen more men before you even let him sniff you panties!

    • She’s right you don’t know her, or her heart, or what she’s gone through, or how she treats me.

      • How does she treat you? Sounds like she treats you like a mark. I know this don’t give that bitch a penny.

          • Whinny. Be nice or I will block you from reading my blog or commenting. I respect your right to speak but I love her and your being an ass, and I don’t want to hear it from you anymore. I assure you she is not the least bit concerned with your opinion and if your ugly again I will just delete the posts. She means something to me, you and your comments and this blog in fact mean nothing compared to her. I’ve already changed you post so they will no longer post without my approval so don’t wast your time.

  1. I thought is was beautiful. I could feel your heart aching. Yes, she may be using you but being used is not always bad.
    It’s to bad she can’t let her heart lead instead of her mind.
    To have someone love you as a friend and a lover is priceless, no matter what or where your at in our life.
    Very strong post, thanks for sharing

    • Thank you for reading and commenting. She loves me, I know it. I hope she will one day embrace me in a more intimate way. I would never fail her, I don’t fail.

    • Your a kind woman and yes you would have reached out to anyone in pain. But I also know that you reached out to me because you do care about me and not just because your kind. You wouldn’t have invited some over to your home and spent time healing them. Thank you.

  2. Yes, catnip uses you to a point, but It’s called a “relationship”. You use each other when you need someone, when your to weak to get through the day alone or you just need to hear a friends voice that loves you. A little text that reassures you that your not alone.

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