13 comments on “That was a long weekend!

  1. Breathless, heart racing
    She leans against his leg
    She is where she belongs
    At His side. Waiting

    He leans down and whispers,
    You are mine
    softly he kisses her lips,
    before he takes her hair into his hand.

    Gasping, trembling
    Knowing what is to come,
    She looks up at him
    I love you Sir, she speaks softly
    You are Mine.

  2. At least you see her and talk to her… mine is gone.. he has left and has no called or cared to look for me… I guess it just proves how over and done my marriage is :(

    • I am sorry about how he treats you. NO real man would do that. I think some men think that being hard and cold is somehow masculine but I think just the opposite. It must be super hard. I hope you are able to move on and if not right away, I hope you can let go a bit. But its still very soon. Hugs.

      • Yea I already am moving on.. thing is that he did cheat on me.. so its just done and over with.I do miss him sometimes but then I think, well his loss, I gave him everything I could, he didnt value me so screw him. Ima have fun and live my life till I find someone who actually is worthy off my love and respect. Thanks for the hugs! More men should be like you.

        • Love is so complex. I’ve been careful not to say this because it may rude of me as you deal with your feelings, but this remark makes me believe that it’s ok to say. To hell with him. If he can’t love you or treat you well or meet your needs in the early stages of your relationship, I’m glad he is gone and I’m glad you don’t have children. You can find a man who will love you more completely and better meet your needs since this man was not the right man for you.

          • Its funny, cause I’ve said that to myself a million times, and yet its sickening how much it hurts and how much my heart yearns for him. Ironic. I hope you are right, that I will find someone who loves me and will treat me how I deserve. Sometimes it seems like that wont happen, then again I have very low self esteem right now.

        • Seeing her and talking to her, by the way is both wonderful and damn hard. And don’t be to hard on yourself. He did value you. He is a flawed person, but he did value you or he would not have even tried in the beginning. Don’t do that to yourself. Don’t you tell you that he didn’t value you. It’s not true, what’s true is that he was not strong enough to even life up to his ideals. That is not commentary on you. Hugs again.

        • Sorry, one more thing. I am a nice guy and people tell me that and I know I’m a decent person. But that’s not enough for Anneliese. We are all flawed and fall short of someone’s ideals. :-) if Anneliese cared for me as I did her it would be amazing but the truth is she doesn’t want a nice guy, at least not in her bed or in her life as a companion in any form. As I said were all flawed. Huggs Again.

  3. I don’t get it (and I know this is so not my business but I’m the curious type so just being nosy) do you and Anneliese have like an open relationship or something? I guess partly why I’m curious is I’m kind of doing my own personal study of the psychology of being and love and relationships. Reading blogs like yours gives a lot of insight into what people experience. Thanks for your candid writing, I really like your style.

    • You question does not bother me. Having this blog give me a way to think and consider and questions help. We do not have an open relationship. We are friends. I am in love with her, and she loves me (read that Not in love with me) at least not in the same way I am in love with her. We were both married but she had since divorces and now has a boyfriend. She cares for me a great deal and does not want to lose me as a friend, and so she hides me from those who would hurt her because of me. All of this is me and I may be wrong about how she feels. She may feel more strongly I don’t know. She is careful not to express her feelings to strongly to me, even though I believe for a number of reasons that she feels much strong than she tells me. I write as if we were lovers sometimes but we are not. We have never touched each other beyond a hug. Your questions does not bother me at all and I would be glad to hear from you if you’d like.

  4. Ah, thanks for your response, I’m glad to hear that there was no offense taken. To be honest that was basically what I figured from reading your posts but I wanted to check. Like I told you I am kind of studying the experience of being “in love” and what I am seeing is that those feelings are the strongest when the other person is withheld from you. When both people give each other to each other in a relationship people do not find it as compelling and exciting even though there is great fondness often and attachment. Being in love is a heightened state of trying to get something that you don’t have and there are all kinds of fantasies associated with it. I am in love with a guy who is not in love with me and he seems to only be interested in women who don’t want him. Meanwhile there is a guy in love with me and I am not in love with him. All this is sad and frustrating to me, especially since as you know the state of being in love can be so painful. That why I’ve been trying to understand it all psychologically from a more detached perspective. I’m glad you’re finding some peace in writing and blogging; it has that effect for me too.

    • Good luck at understanding it. :-). I know that’s a short reply but I will reply at more length when I’m not using my phone. You are wise to see a difference in love and in love. More later :-).

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