2 comments on “Do You Think of Me, Erotic Poetry For Catnip

  1. I’ve missed you so much
    kissing him softly on the lips
    I’ve missed you more
    We laid there on my bed for a while
    My legs were spread slightly
    And he was still hard
    He looked over at me
    And his hand stroked my body
    His fingers entered me and I shivered
    I rolled on top of him after just minutes
    Of us just laying there, I kissed him
    And then down his neck and body
    All the way down to his cock
    I kissed him on the head
    And then I grabbed him with my hand
    And started stroking him; He moaned
    He clutched at the bed
    I took him inside of my mouth
    Moving my head up and down
    His head fell back and he groaned
    His eyes closed and his mouth fell open
    I continued moving my head up and down
    All of him in my mouth; between my lips
    I pulled my mouth off of him
    Loud sucking noises turned him on
    I took him with my hand; wet and spit
    Up and down his shaft from all
    Of the cum and seed from him
    I took my hand off him
    And sat up on his chest
    I kissed him on the lips
    Raised my hips
    My body lowered on him
    He grabbed me
    To push me down
    I went lower
    And all the way in.

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