4 comments on “28 May 2013 A letter for Anneliese.

  1. Breathless I am
    And exhausted from our act of passion
    And satisfied
    We two passionate lovers lay
    Side by side
    Upon the silk sheets
    Our bodies are still hot
    Like embers
    Fresh from the fire
    And we whisper
    I love you
    In each others ears
    We then drift away
    Into the sea of dreams
    And we dream of our love
    Beneath the diamond stars
    And silver
    Crescent moon.

    • After Making Love

      I wake from sleeping
      our bodys entwined
      still cooling from
      the heated moments
      shared between us.
      She slumbers content
      her back against my chest,
      my arms hold her close.
      As I slowly move,
      she dances with me
      unable to stop the
      rhythm between us.
      Her body next to mine
      With every move
      she is my shadow
      refusing to let it end
      even in her dreaming.

      • the music plays
        while your fingers stroke
        the cords of your harp,
        and I feel your eyes upon me,
        undressing me slowly,
        with a burning intensity
        which compels me to move.
        I begin to dance,
        as the rhythm you create
        has the power to control
        just the way I move,
        slowly my clothes begin to fall away,
        as if by a power of their own,
        barely aware of my hands,
        as they slide along my body,
        I strip myself, and my nakedness
        begins to reveal itself before
        your relentless gaze

        • pure and unblemished love must taste so bland
          and have a bitter after taste
          or so he though
          as he held the fruit in his hand
          one hand steadies the fruit
          one hand holds the knife
          and he remembers
          they sat there speaking as they had before
          but her eyes were blank
          still shallow water, in a dark gray pan
          she burned in his soul as he held her
          and her ashen heart changed
          crystallized through the pressure and heat
          he shivers and recalls
          the gathering clouds rolled over us
          proceeded by a cold rain
          turning the day black
          he presses
          the blade slices through flesh
          both warm and cold
          divding the fruit cleanly in two uneven pieces
          the blade moistened by the blood spilled before it
          one side of the metal tart and acidic
          one side bright red and sweet
          each pooling together now
          and then it was over

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