9 comments on “I Know I’m out of Line.

  1. A beauty that can only be
    compared to the sun’s light
    Full and complete
    A display of slightly grace
    The steps you take show quick haste
    Walk by my side
    I’ll give you what you desire
    Walk by my side, and be my sire
    Take me by my own hand
    Whilst I am here, I will stay
    For I am alone I need you here
    Whom may i say
    Your name to be my knight
    I will stay, and cover you
    Stay with me, and be mine
    Everything you wish for
    I will gain in time.

    • tomorrow let me raise my chin
      and feel the winters chill on my face
      let me feel the cut of the bitter wind
      as it moves from me to its winters race

      let me feel the cold burning into my lungs
      my ribs stretching as I deeply breath
      while no heat escapes the winter suns
      and bitter colds encroach within sleeve

      let me love the smell of winters breath
      her white blanket here a token
      the fallen leaves of summers death
      covered now their firm grasp broken

      the silent plunge from clouds on high
      of brilliant white cathedral’s
      there crystal forms together lay
      a hundred million steeples

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