5 comments on “I Wrote You Several Letters I Won’t Send

  1. Yet do you ever dwell in me
    Take your chances And I will take you as I expect you to now
    My heart is a thousand places and pieces
    You are my only hope is to start. Let’s start anew
    Show me that you care
    Prove to me
    You feel
    And I will never never leave you.

    • Why don’t you have the courage to say this to my face?
      When will I hear these words from your red lips?
      How am I to understand the silence when we are together
      And read it against such moving words that you will write but never speak
      Or that you will feel i your heart but never share in your touch?

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  3. You still had my songs sewn to your sleeve
    These are the words your heart wanted
    And i gave them to you, and every song I sang
    To keep you wanting and coming back for more.

    My arms fell down to my sides
    My shoulders sunk low like anchors
    And i have been hurting beautifully
    And i think you know why; you love another

    We never spoke about it but i think it shows
    Moments before you believed in me
    You traced hearts on your window
    They all her initials and seemed like shadows

    Something in you came to a pause
    And when you pressed the play
    To hear voice and to my singing again
    All her music, voice her lyrics had all been deleted,

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