5 comments on “Man Survives Not Jumping from Golden Gate Bridge.

  1. sometimes I just want to give you a hug- I’ve heard that voice, it whispers to me sometimes when I drive over certain bridges and I am petrified of bridges…I don’t listen, please continue to avoid that voice if you hear it again; there is NO ONE on this world who is worth that, NO ONE

    • Thank you that’s very kind of you, and your right. I’ve been on this bridge a thousand times. 5 days a week for 3 years plus many other times, but this day it wanted me dead! Thank you.

  2. Its kind of ironic, I was in San Francisco this past weekend. Usually I go there for vacations all the time. That bridge scares me to death. I am glad you pushed that voice back. Sometimes the thought of suicide being the answer makes us do stupid things, but we gotto think of this: when we die, we will leave people who care hurt and wounded…we are waisting our life by suiciding. We have such a great potential and sometimes we don’t see that. But one day we will, so we gotto be alive for that. *hugs* I hope you are feeling much better these days.

    • Thank you! I am no longer haunted by suicide as I once was. But I am also at peace with death. I believe that death will bring more peace and is harder for the living than the dead. I actually died once and I know that death brings peace. But now I do have something to live for. Thank you for the “Hug”. Even cyber hugs are nice to get. Hope you had fun in SF. It’s a wonderful town. I want to take my reason for living there one day. Hugs for you too.

      • Thats good to hear huns. Yea well…the bible does say that those who die are at peace and those who are living will struggle. i am curious, as to what is that you have now? yes cyber hugs count lol. It is. I like it. I like the port i believe lol the clam showder soup in bread bowl is delicious!

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