12 comments on “Me vs “The Asshole”

  1. You asked me about him, and I told the truth. I did not say something to you to hurt you…I said something in jest….you and “The Asshole” are 2 very different people to me.

    • I know that. Im not hurt by it I’m just saying what came to mind. I’m not bugged at all. I don’t think you compare us I just contrast the two of us. :-)

    • I came back to re-read all of this and I see a glaring error that I made. I left out the word NOT. I know your not comparing us. I know we are completely different people and relationships to you. When I re-read that I knew it was a gigantic glaring error in what it meant for having messed such a tiny word it changed everything. I know almost everything about us is different as people and in who we are to you. I hope I wasn’t weird.

  2. Your Catnip knows about your blogs about her? Well, thats new… Assholes will always be assholes…They are those who don’t like seeing anybody else happy…selfish little bastards…

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