5 comments on “Harley Davidson Gray

    • Dear Catnip, You can rock a gray t-shirt, I gotta admit that…I have a picture of of you wearing your sexy librarian glasses hugging me in that T. You have the cutest grin on your cute little mug, It’s one of my favorites moments ever. Love u

    • P.S. You have moved up, you are in the top 30 commenters! Pretty cool considering Ive had over 12,000 visits since the first version of this blog.

  1. I saw it all so clearly, I was there and I swore it was a black haired girl with a son in her arms I knew in another lifetime…your words are so universally personal, if that makes sense, and that doesn’t come close to describing how awesome it is.

    • You know your pretty good at commenting! I appreciate you taking the time and I appreciate what you said to. Universally Personal” that’s a cool comment. Thank you.

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