12 comments on “I love You.

  1. Beautiful….do you think those flames ever burn out all the way? And you are a better soul than I for this:
    ” God grant you find another who will love you

    As tenderly and truthfully as I.”

    I fear I am not as kind, although I want to be, sometimes it hurts to much…

    This is me on no tea,lol, honesty slips out ;-)

    • I needed some time to think before I answered tis and didn’t know if I’d get to it very soon. I’m no better than anyone. Just in a different place. This whole blog is about a woman that I can’t have. I did kill myself over her and what I put here on the blog is real. I want he in my life but cant have her primarily because she won’t allow it. When I started the blog we were both married. Now she is not married but I am. She’s beautiful, men fall all over themselves to be near her. Even so she loves me and I don’t know why. Not only that but she loves me very very much and wants more from our relationship than she will allow us. I don’t understand it at all and she will not explain it to me. Life without her would be meaningless even though I don’t really have a life with her. I’ve been in love with her for 8 years and never touched her. But even so everything I’ve written here the love letters and the erotic poems, all of it, go to her and she is wonderful to me and she tells me she loves me and recently told me how much she lves me but doesn’t say it our relationship is not reality and that our relationship is sacred to her. It’s defined me in many ways and some of them are not good. But I know that my love for her will never die. I can’t tell you how much it hurts knowing she loves me but won’t embrace me. Maybe I’m selfish for saying this but I don’t think anyone will ever love her as much as I do, mainly because of how she is. But since she won’t have me, I honestly hope she will find someone who loves her so much and whom she falls so deeply in love with that she forgets all about me. That wold kill me but yes i want her to be happy. What I fear is that she will simply find someone who she will give herself to to stop the loneliness that she feels and therefor never really find love and yes I want her to be happy. Right now she is getting over someone who brutalized her physically and emotionally and who, she cannot get past and now she is seeing someone else I won’t comment about. But the overall effect is that because of whats shes been through she can’t truly love anyone right now. I wish she would embrace me and my love for her because I will never stop loving her. But that’s not what she is doing. Hell of a long answer, I hope that someplace along the way I answered your questions

  2. Because life gets in my damn way, I only got to read this now, and it deserves a real reply because I have a lot to say, so I’m warning you, tomorrow many words will be written here because I have to think on this one… I get everything you say and I have to think about how I really feel about it from my own , uh, point of view.
    I just wanted you to know that I want to answer this properly. Cause I’m a weirdo ;-)

      • Phew! I’m glad because I’m such a weirdo I still haven’t figured it out! Just so YOU know, it may take me longer than I wish (damn life!) but I DO have a lot to say….I just take awhile these days, I guess there really is no time limit on mourning an unexpected death, it’s got me in it’s grip bad and even this morning I picked up the phone to call my Mom :( She’d smack me upside the head if she knew I was still a wreck without her but in my defense it’s not even a month yet…
        Anyway, this subject is not over yet! ;-)

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