26 comments on “I Want You Anneliese. Erotic Poem

  1. Wow this was hot! I wouldn’t know who would say no to this type of want ;) It gave me ideas haha

  2. Yes he does know. I’ve talked to him and expressed myself and asked him if we can work it out and fix things but then he’ll say he does want to try but that he knows it wont work in the end. That he fell out of love, and then he’ll say he loves me and needs me.. I tell him its not fair to be playing with my emotions like that.

    • Is he kind during the conversations? Does he say why he thinks it won’t work out in the end?
      Me, personally I don’t believe that people fall out of love so it makes me wonder what’s going on. Do you think he was in love, or that he has fallen out of love? What rings true to you? And do you think heis playing with your emotions or is he confused and working through his own?

      • I talk only. He stays quiet and tries to kiss me and thats it. But if he sees me crying he will get annoyed and he’ll say that thats my routine to cry and he’ll leave me alone. He kicks me when I’m down. He always say that he just doesn’t know because he has a black heart and that he’s just not sure what he wants. And I tell him that its not fair that he toys with me like that. That he is hurting me emotionally and he just stays quiet and he said he has more fun when we are with other people that when he is just with me. And that hurts me. And now he just wants to drink every weekend. Im worried and he just doesnt care. He never talks to me. And he shuts me out of everything, its like we are living to seperate lives.

        • I’m kind of gathering info here to get a picture so that’s why all the questions. Do you date each other exclusively or is that what you want and he doesn’t or have you been dating steady and he is falling away?

          • None.. We just got married 5 months ago. I finally talked to him last night.. and he said that he misses his freedom… I said that I understand, but things change and he can’t just think for himself only. And I said that I miss my freedom as well, but when I was getting married to him, I was happy to change that. I was alright with it because nothing else matters to me. And.. the way I see it is that, he wanted divorce just cause he misses his freedom.. its selfish.. I think. Its not like he doesnt go out with his friends. All I ask is that he be reasonable. To not come home late and not go out so much that he starts forgetting I exist.

          • I’m sorry that this is hurting you so and of course I don’t know what’s really going on but I will share two things. One about seduction and another about love. I’d don’t know if any of these thing are part of what’s going on in your life but maybe they might help.

            Seduction. Or Pick Up Artist has something the concentrate on to try to pick up women. To control women. There’s a lot to it but from about the middle of being a pick up artist after they have picked someone up part of how they Treat a woman is to treat them poorly after they have the woman attention. The reason is to make the woman chase them or to try to win the mans attention and I see it all the time. Powerful men basically treat the woman as property doing whatever they want and ignoring the woman so the woman will do anything to make the man happy. It frequently is not good for the woman, but the guy gets everything he wants. She chases him, pleases him, works for his attention, works like a dog to satisfy him and he throws her a bone now and then to keep her interested. Meanwhile he gets to keep hanging with his buddies and chasing around and the woman lets hi to try to make him happy. Some guys practice this so they can pick up woman. You can search you tube to learn how and there are actually books on the subject. But even worse, there are some guys that just come by this behavior naturally. They treat woman this way because that’s how they are. Self centered egotistical, narcissistic men. Don’t know if this is your guy at all but it’s something that comes to mind.

            Second is Love. Everyone needs love. We all have a tank inside of us that needs to be filled with love. It is an emotional need from childhood that follows us onto adulthood and marriage. For many people falling “in love” fills that tank to overflowing but it is a temporary fix with a predictable life life span. After people come down from that “in love” high the emotional need for love resurfaces.we need love and we will need it as long as we live. When people get married it is necessary to get that love from your spouse because you cant just move on because you’ve committed to stay together. That is the heart of marriage. But now two people have to fine out what it is that the other person considers love. The emotional and physical charge that comes with falling “in love” is different than the love that sustains a marriage. That is one reason people should date for a period of time, to learn what it is that the other person needs to stay in love, not just fall in love. If he has fallen out of love as he claims its because his love tank is not being filled, and clearly neither is yours. You need to decide if it is worth finding out what it is that fills his tank and if it worth it to you to learn how to do that for him and see if he is willing to do the same for you. There is a called The five love languages, that says there are 5 ways people express love to each other 1. through words of affirmation 2. quality time together.3 through receiving gifts. 4 through Acts of Service. Or 5 through physical touch. It may be different for each if you and it may be a combination of these but it won’t be all of them. … Don’t know if this is it either, but for now with the little I have heard these are the two things that come to mind…. Dont know if any of this helps. it must be super hard to go through, believe me i know. I’d be glad to listen more if it helps and I’d like to know what you think, maybe if this does not help it will give you some idea of some sort.

          • Theres no point to it anymore. He told me he wanted his freedom that he didnt love me and that he would be with me and see other woman he wanted and that if the oppourtunity came he would cheat on me. So.. he left. We are getting divorced.. I am shattered :'(

          • I’m sorry to hear that. Everyone deals with this differently and I’m sure I can’t know how you feel. But I am sorry. Doesn’t sound like a nice guy.

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