2 comments on “Poem “Praying to the Moonlight” With explanation Link

  1. I am so entranced by the information you have provided about this part of your life. I wanted to contact you but all I can do is leave this comment. It’s so bizarre to have such a personal glimpse into someones life and not be able to talk with them directly about it. I guess what I mean to say is that I am so moved by what you have posted. I have spent the last two days reading through the material. So quickly in fact that most times I am not sure if I am even absorbing the enormity of it all. I really love the lines, “On a green metal bench, A silver ring in my pocket.” I’m not sure why but out of everything I keep returning to that.

    • Thank you. This is a very complex part of my life. I love this woman very much and she loves me and has told me so on many occasions. I’m flattered that any Olof my posts move you. That day on the green bench is one of the most difficult and hard to understand days in my life. If things had gone different that day i would be laying in bed with her right now in stead of writing this post. and i would be helping her raise her son. I’m glad you like it because I basically have no one to talk to about it. I would answer any questions you have. Thank you for such a kind post.

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